Inundated with Noir Content

Noir from Michael Forman

Dear you,
You should’ve noticed an unusually high level of noir content linking in and out of the homesite of late. I’m sure it makes its author look like he’s gone absolutely mad! Perhap he’s turned into some kind of satan worshipper – but it’s all for a logical and very good cause!
No, I haven’t turned to the dark side. I’m simply working the numbers to improve the site’s relevance to the Neo-noir SERP and the reader most interested in that genre.
Later this coming week, several articles will be posted to various submission sites and, if those articles are successful, their accompanying links will be pointed to the noir elements of my writing.
Even this post will add to those statistics (in due course.)
So, expect to see more dark alleys, ghostly figures and people bleeding from orifices. Death, murder and mutilation will also be a part of them. Suicide? Yep, of course, so will self-harm, sharp objects, torture and the like.
Don’t be afraid, just be aware.
SEETHINGS is a dark novel and it does contain elements seen in some of these pictures. Noir thoughts, visions and such events are extremely applicable to it. The sequel follows a similar noir-istic path and, with a release date set for end of July, I want to take advantage of every channel possible.
Aligning SERP‘s are important. (What’s a SERP?)
Lot’s of like,



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