Karaoke and Theatre Updates

Time for an update.

These past few weeks have drawn me well away from my writing desk. Three new projects changed things up a bit, two are done while one other is in progress.
The Karaoke World Championships has come and gone and I went down with it. Polly Hammond from Sirensong Karaoke talked me into competing. Close friends know I’ve done a few over the years but never make it past the club finals so I wasn’t planning making another run at it. I’m almost fifty and older people just don’t seem to get through no matter how good or bad they are. 
Polly tapped me on the shoulder during the heats and asked me to do one one because no one had signed up for it that night.
Well, I made the finals but didn’t spend a single second practising for it. I knew that the outcome was set so I wasn’t planning changing what I do on any normal karaoke night. I’d make funny character voices during the song if it needed, look at the screen and basically do my thing without any regard for the competition whatsoever. (The KWC way is to sing straight and note perfect, look at the audience and pretend it’s a television audition for Someone’s Got Talent.)
WORDS was my first song and I went in with a warbly Barry Gibb tone (I know Barry wasn’t this song’s singer but I plead creative license on it) and it sounded hilarious. I’ve been adding BARRY into WORDS for the last year or so. It brings a smile to listeners and by the end they’re often singing the chorus out loud. It started okay but…

…I messed the words up. I did a stupid stupid thing. I was over-confident and broke into the chorus too soon. It shouldn’t have mattered because the chord progression in this BEE GEE’s hit is the same right throughout and, unless you know the song intimately, you wouldn’t have known that I got it wrong… except if it weren’t for the giant screen behind me that displays all the lyrics – all the correct lyrics! The judges would’ve known right away.

Oh well, easy come, easy go right?
I knew by that point that my campaign (whatever I had of one) was over. So I gave BAT OUT OF HELL everything and left nothing in the tank. I had a sequin scarf with me and used it to take Meatloaf right to the stage of the Peel Alehouse. It was a knockout! Really, it was!! I’m not just saying that. The crowd were on their feet and let out a huge roar at the end. I held that final note so well – the most convincing version I’d ever done of BOOH. If it were based on THAT one song, I’d have been in for sure. Damn those crazy WORDS!
BACKSTAGE was a comedy play performed last week. It’d been rehearsed for three months beforehand and then opened to small audiences. A reviewer gave it a favourable word in social media but audience numbers remained small just the same.
This was the first show for me since arriving in Western Australia and it was good getting back to treading the boards… it also had it’s moments. Saboteurs from within nearly ended it for everyone. The over-sensitivity, animosity and pessimism was utterly unbelievable. I’m glad to perform again but I’m also glad that this one is over!
The new laundry is the last task on my job sheet. Margo’s been calling for it since we ended all the house reno’s. It’s had the lowest priority because we’ve always had a way to wash and dry clothes without one. I’ve moved the washer around the home a thousand times, making it fit-in to whatever we were doing at the time – and it’s kinda worked! When the home was finished, we sat down and left the washer working in the last place we used it. It worked fine and that break was pretty darn comfortable.
Now the time has come to get up and find a more permanent place for the washer, include a dryer we’ve had stored in our shed and incorporate a proper sink into it – with all the necessary plumbing and electricity components needed to run them. 
I’ve now done the floor frame, floor and two walls. There’s a window in one, water (hot and cold), waste-water and mains power for the washer/dryer in the other. 
The bones of the laundry is up. This allows us to start using it but… there’s some plastering and painting to do before we load it up with gear. I detest painting so much. I detest it more when there’s gear to work around… so I must keep the washer out of the room and Margo on my back while I paint it… ugh.
That’s it. There’s no more to say.
Bye, Michael.

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