Koorliny Performing Arts – BACKSTAGE – JULY 15-23

Koorliny Performing Arts – BACKSTAGE – July 15-23, 2016

This is an (un)official behind-the-scenes look at the new Laughing Horse Production BACKSTAGE set to open July fifteen this year.

I thought it was time to post an official web-page, one that exists outside the Facebook boundary lines. Not everyone has Facebook nor wants to sign up to just to read the things being promoted there. I know Koorliny Arts Centre has a website of their own with full ticketing details on it but there’s no behind-the-scenes material on display there. It’s all business, business, business!

So, here’s our lovely cast (including me).

Here are some rehearsal snaps of this absolutely ridiculous, extremely humorous farce!

 Koorliny Arts Centre - Backstage



Pictures tell some of the story but not everything. These shots were taken just a couple of weeks into the development of the production and some of the actors are still holding onto their scripts. Much has changed since then.

We now have a stage! There is a set! Costumes adorn actors! We have props!

The best bit is our scripts are no longer needed and the characters are shining through. I find myself laughing at stuff every time I watch from the wings (and I already know a joke’s coming and I’ve heard it several times before!)

We’re now ready to unleash the show and let the public in to watch it!

The official synopsis says:
We all know that the real drama in a theatre takes place backstage and creates quite a comedy to watch! This has never been more true than at Theatre Baroque, where the star, one-time matinee idol Burton Cavendish, suddenly dies an hour before the premiere of “Don Juan in Cleveland.”  Once it is discovered that Cavendish has passed away, Lou, the director, calls on Ajax, the understudy, to fill in.  But Ajax must play Cavendish both on and off stage, and he can’t tell anyone — not even his own mother!  It is to be the great star’s last performance…  and Ajax’s greatest performance ever. 
He reluctantly agrees, only to face nasty critics, doting mothers and one very large goon sent to collect a bundle from the great actor.  Ajax even has to fool his own mother, who shows up backstage to say hello to Ajax and meet the famous Cavendish!  (Little does she know she achieves both of those goals at one time!)  Lines and plot twists fly as fast as you’ll sell tickets in this theatrical farce where over-the-hill prima donnas reign — or think they do — and most of the rest of the cast is betting on who comes out on top.
Backstage by Pat Cook is produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service Inc, Englewood, Colorado and is a community partnership between Laughing Horse Productions Inc and Koorliny Arts Centre

– Michael Forman
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