BACKSTAGE – Koorliny Arts Centre – JULY 15-23, 2016

It’s showtime again!

Rehearsals for ‘Backstage.’
I’ve been out of the game for a while. My last show was three years ago. I was directing and performing in Queensland just before we sold our house and moved interstate. We built a new home and settled in. Now I’m back and loving the new role in Backstage!
This show is a farce. There’s no music or dancing, it’s just hilariously silly. It’s about what happens behind the scenes of another stage show when everything in it starts to go wrong. 
Our stage is behind, assumedly backstage, to another show when its drawcard actor is found dead in his dressing room. The backstage actors, waiting their turn to perform and be paid for their work, are horrified when they find his body – but the show must go on, right?
Farces are fun. They’re never all that heavy going. There’s no complex metaphors or ulterior messages to unwrap and discover. What you see is what you get. The lines are snappy and dead-funny. If you’re unfamiliar to theatre but want to experience it without being burned, these are the best types of shows to introduce yourself and friends to. You won’t be disappointed with our new show Backstage!

Tickets are avail at Koorliny Online.

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