Sew what?

The old garage has transformed into its new life as a sewing and craft studio. Walls, power and lights are in. The windows have been fitted, recycled from the waste materials taken out of the house during its renovation.
Unlike the shed that cost $23 (our last construction) this one needed some new product and costed a bit more than $23. Drywall, insulation and timber was used to complete the walls and ceiling. A rotating ventilator was installed on the roof.

Margo fears the shed will heat up in summer so we’ve put strategies in place to combat it. It’s summer now and the insulation made a huge difference… right after I closed in the ceiling! An even bigger temperature drop was noticed after the roof ventilator was installed. Margo asked for another sliding window to be installed on the front of the building for extra ventilation. Altogether, I think we’ve achieved an acceptable result.
The other major issue is light. Margo wants to work with natural light. The garage never had windows but it has now. It also has a large sliding glass door and virtually allows direct light to flood in from one end of the building. It does the job, but that won’t be direct light for much longer. The old tilt-a-door we took off will soon become an awning, providing shade over all that glass. It’ll reduce the heat… but it’ll take away light. The question she asks now is: Will it be too much?
Why the sewing room is being made!

So Margo drags another dusty window frame out from the stockpile of bits we took out of the house. “Can you add this somewhere?” She asks, eyeing off the walls from the inside of the building, visualising positions of where it might go. “Why not?” I reply, knowing that after a whole house reno, one little window in a garage that has no major plumbing or electrical sections make the request a relatively simple one.
Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!
There will be shelves, copious amounts of them – varying levels of assorted and stacked space to put things in and rid ourselves of clutter, freeing up our man garage so we can park our damn cars in there!
Almost done!
So it’s Christmas Eve and it was my goal to have this room ready by Christmas day. It is ready right now. The challenge has been met. I know Margo will have bundles of fun moving her gear in over the holidays and setting up the place. Two sewing machines, an overlocker, two desks, a plethora of fabrics, bits and bobs will fill this room in the days to come.
Too busy to get to her room!
Merry Christmas from Michael Forman (Author)
UPDATE 03/01/16: Christmas is over and the new sewing studio is ready!


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