Twits and Tweets on the Tweetdeck.

Just lying back knocking the foam off cold one while analyzing and managing incoming and outgoing Tweets on Tweetdeck. What’s Tweetdeck you ask?
If Tweets were the worker-bees in a hive and the Twitter application was their drone, Tweetdeck is the Queen bee!
Here’s a screenshot of my desktop running Tweetdeck:
Some of you know what you’re looking at, some will go, huh?
This is a bit of what goes on behind the scenes of online book promotion when it comes to working with the Twitter side of my writing projects. Here I can select and see everyone mentioning everything in Twitter or start putting exclusions on feeds so I can focus on certain elements of one. It’s becomes a spreadsheet of columns that receive these detail-specific messages moving around the twittersphere and then collate them for me. I study them, use bits of other’s tweets that I know are working for my own and look for holes in the tweet market that aren’t covered so well.
Unlike Twitter’s app that’s clunky, primarily working it’s searches around trends, hashtagging and user contacts in a one-page-at-a-time-environment, Tweetdeck opens up to the whole world of Twitter and goes as wide as you make it, or as narrow as you’d like it to be. 
On my TD page (from left to right) you see my first column has a list: Novel Collection.
This is my slowest moving feed of all. That’s because this ‘List’ isn’t a twitter feed per se, it’s a list I manually add things to as I go. When I see a book I like on another column (to the right of it), I drag it into this list. A copy of the list appears on my book site (on the LHS)
The Favourites column are tweets I’ve favourited, those I find interesting or need researching. I clear this from time to time, researching my favourites in batches when I have the time to. You might say I use favs in Twitter as a bookmark.
I have another column that’s hunting down any tweet that has the phrase ‘Psychological Thrillers’ in it. My own appears here occasionally. As you can see, so do many others! There are five more columns doing specific searches that don’t appear here (off the side of the page).
The next two columns you do see relate to activities surround my Twitter account. They’re more or less duplications of the activities I already see through my phone app. having them here saves me reaching for my phone whilst working in the same environment.
Some of you will have lifted your eyes and recognized the Chrome browser I’m using to surf the Internet with. Yes, there’s a couple of extensions running in the background. A couple are monitoring extensions. Instagram, WordPress and Ebay are on the looking for messages, references and the like. The other one to the left is ‘Buffer’ and Buffer provides me with automatic link shortening, Tweet storage and delivery. It basically sends out Tweets for me at prescribed times throughout the day and night.
While we’re in the neighbourhood, you can see my most used bookmarks are on show. These few are used almost everyday (and there are way more not shown here) I’ve got Analytics running to see how much traffic is going through the main site, where they’re going and what they’re doing when they get there. You can see Kindle and CreateSpace making an appearance as link buttons, they should, that’s where the novel/s are sold.
To the right are three listed as ‘Press XXXX’ These are WordPress re-presser buttons. They take any page I see on the net and convert them to a blog post for one of my many blog sites. I have six in total. All of them point back to the main site. The first is that main site located @ The second one is this site. There are four more. If you’d like to go find them now and then drop me a note as to where you think are located, do so. Let’s make a treasure hunt out of this and see if you’re right!
That’s it for now,
SEETHINGS novel by Michael Forman (This is real)The Novel ¦The Author ¦ Order 
“Mike’s writing has you in the room from the outset. You are meeting characters left right and centre and then bang –‘it’ is here. He takes you on a vengeful, aggressive journey…” – Mike M Roleystone.


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