What a lousy week!

I’ve had the flu… and several days in bed last week because of it. All I can say is: Daytime television just SUCKS!
I don’t have pay TV, cable or satellite. When not sick, I have more than enough things to entertain me during the days and nights without more of the idiot box filling time up. When you’re sick and run out of things to read, that’s about the time the television offers something easy to digest… and becomes another person in the home. I have Levi to keep me company but cats don’t say much. Their storytelling skills lack. They offer no sympathy either. So I found myself watching junk TV in between coughs, sneezes and headaches to keep me going.
It makes little to write about here too as nothing gets done during this time. I tried writing material for the new novel and did get some done here and there. I even had a new blog go out on the homesite one day in the middle of it, so that counts as something, right? I also did a tiny amount of sanding and painting two days ago. Yesterday I was well enough to take a load of rubbish to the tip. As you can tell I am now up and around and the picture above reflects a slowly fading memory, thank goodness. I even got a spot of karaoke in last night. I’m not 100 percent but I’m a whole lot better than I was this time last week.
Maybe it was the late nights during the sale weekend that’d caused it. The Sunday night it ended marked the beginning of the sore throat and headaches. I didn’t even pull down the countdown clocks until the Tuesday, hacking up phlegm while resetting the pages without them. The sale went very well thank you very much. I wasn’t sure how it would do as it only included the E-book, but that was just fine, many more copies are now out there and circulating. Hopefully this will stimulate chatter and a few external links. The more THAT happens the better it will be. There’s only so much an author can do from their end, the rest has to come from readers.
I noticed that there has been a pinch of chatter appearing from some work I put out there eighteen months ago. An earlier draft of SEETHINGS was put out there prior to it’s release. Before you get your knickers in a knot, this was NOT the whole book. It was only ten chapters of it. Each day for about four hundred days I’d post a little bit of it in a blog post until it built up to ten chapters. I also pointed all the posts at a link where I provided a PDF of those collective ten. There were MANY downloads but nothing seemed to come from it. (ie: no comments etc). Then the day came to strip all the posts from the site and clear the way for the REAL book launch in November last year. It wasn’t easy to consider doing this as each of the posts had established rich grounding inside the GOOGLE search engine. I didn’t want to lose all that traffic so before they came down I set up a manual 404 redirection on each of those 400 redundant URLs. Anyone looking for one of those older pages now lands on the novel page (this explains why the stats on that page are higher than the index page!) So it’s working…. but I forgot to take the PDF off the server. Something interesting was happening in the months that followed the removal of those pages.
I noticed that the downloads didn’t stop. Links to the PDF no longer appeared anywhere on the site but someone kept visiting and downloading it. I was tempted to nip it in the bud and take it off the server but I’m glad I didn’t. I can see what’s happening by keeping it there. It turns out that there’s a grungy underworld of readers who scour the ‘net for free books and then share them with each other. It makes sense, it’s done for music and videos so why not books? There’s about half a dozen groups talking about SEETHINGS. Some even give reviews and opinions with their recommendations!
For the time being I’ll keep that PDF in its position and let it quietly go about its business. Who knows, maybe it will be the bit of work that will tip the scales in SEETHINGS’ favour.
SEETHINGS novel by Michael Forman

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