Sharing is Caring: Do You Care Enough to Share?

Do you share the content of blogger’s Websites or do you eat words all by yourself?
Sharing is a writer’s best friend. If you’re not buying product or services from a site you find helpful or entertaining then share it to someone else through a social site. That’s how the modern online world works and how bloggers stay tuned into the needs of readers.
You’ll notice I’ve added extra sharing options to the mothership site; social site buttons like Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit. I’ve spent a day and a bit working out how to get a good sized set of buttons to remain on the page in a place that doesn’t inhibit reading of the blog’s text.
Those who follow the site would’ve been wondering what I was doing. Buttons popped up on one side of the blog in one hour of the day, then the other in another, then the bottom. I had floating buttons, static buttons, big ones, small ones, ones with stats, funny borders, some whizzed in from the sides and landing at various places while the page loaded. It must’ve been all very amusing. Unbeknown to outside world, I was running back and forth between the computer and electronic devices (poor 3G reception in my area means one of my devices needs to remain outside my home and broadcast a signal to my computer inside!) and what looked great on the computer looked lousy on the phone.
WordPress is a bloody fantastic platform and the stuff you can get for it is INCREDIBLE! If you can think of a thing your blog needs, someone has already done it, perfected it and will provide it for you in the plug-in library! It’s just AMAZING! But we are now entering a new period of browsing that a part of WordPress hasn’t quite caught up to: The device-based blog reader.
It’s still all a bit messy when it comes formatting a page that was originally written on a large horizontal screen to look equally as good on a tiny vertical one, that may or may not be flipped horizontally. WordPress has some good conversion software built into its JETPACK but it tends to strip much of the formatting away in order to keep the content’s text big and clean enough to be read. Menu’s are taken away and put into an icon at the edge of the screen, some advertising goes and sidebars are flipped into areas somewhere below the content. I feel sorry for those people who bought Smartwatches expecting to browse the Internet… sure if you don’t mind reading it ONE BLOODY CHARACTER AT A TIME!!!!
Back to the sharing thing….
Most electronic devices already have sharing icons built in and users know to use them because they use them all the time for Facebook-ing and Instagram-ing. This makes displaying them on the site page less important to programmers. It doesn’t take away the importance of sharing though. So whether you’re an author of a book, a blogger, or just a reader of content who likes to find new and wonderful things, make sure you put an action to share during your web experience. Facebook is great for getting content to your friends but places like Reddit go further abroad, sharing to like-minded readers no matter where they live or who they know. 
There has been some movement in Pinterest of late. Worldwide stats indicate steady growth and strong leads out of the Pinterest arena. Unfortunately, I’m still adjusting with the idea of how to share word based content to an image based social site. I’ll get there. It’s just a matter of time before I put together something purposeful towards Pinterest. 
Late this year I’ll bring YouTube to the blog and add some original video content to posts. My acting past will be reactivated to bring the book to life in a set of vids that represent excerpts. This will change things yet again and probably scare the bejeezus out of readers. I’ll also have to put a YouTube social sharing button on the site so browsers know to share that too. 
Anyhow, I have things to do and this bathroom (so close to being done) won’t finish itself. (You’ll be pleased to know that I’m not showering outside anymore!
-Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)
Michael Forman’s books on Goodreads ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)
‘Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.’  – Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’

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