Moving on…

These pages have been quiet lately but plenty is going on behind the scenes. 

The bathroom is progressing and as soon as I have something significantly new to show you I’ll post it. Currently, any photo taken inside the room still shows raw concrete, boring drywall and dust. That’s what it was weeks ago. Needless to say, stuff is happening. Electricals and plumbing were set into place but once the wall and ceiling was closed over, there’s little to see for it. The greatest time consuming thing has been the shower recess. Much concrete was chipped out so I could lay down a bed of mortar for the new floor. It slopes four different ways to move wastewater towards the two drains. It’s taking time to chip the concrete and set those slopes. Margo has asked for a channel drain at the entrance of the shower as well as the main round one in the shower area. I’ve dug two trenches for waste water and then plumbed the drain pipes into the main waste, concreted them into place and started the mortaring, building up the levels at the four far edges of the shower floor until making them angle their surfaces towards those drains. It’s working. Sluicing water anywhere across the recess shows it running in the proper direction.
Margo has found a tile-type she likes best and it’s not before time. I’m only days away from laying something on the floor and demolishing the wreck-of-a-shower that’s barely standing up after all this work!
Moving on…
Linda Bettenay, Mike Moore, Bree Hartley and myself have wrapped up the last of Linda’s promotional theatricals titled ‘At the Going Down of the Sun.’
Eighteen months ago the first of the shows took to the stage. Promoting her book ‘Secrets Mother’s Keep’, Linda’s idea to act out pieces of her book to attract readers has been an overall success. People who might not have read a book like this came along to watch a real-life delivery of it. Many left with a copy. With one book under her belt, Linda’s new book ‘Wishes for Starlight’ entered the market six months ago… sadly, theatricals aren’t needed to support it. It was sad to see it all end. Bree and I hugged each other. Mike dropped me a note of thanks. (SEE PHOTO)
On I’ve already said much about the after-show catch-up (on the news menu) so I won’t double-up much here, except to say I had an enlightening time listening to Linda’s 18 month journey doing the self-publishing thing. I’ve returned with many ideas for my own book ‘SEETHINGS.’
They are different books. Their genres couldn’t be any further apart. One has hope and optimism and the other is lathered in psychological horror. Nevertheless, a self-published author has the same hurdles to overcome as any other. The first is to find the right reader and show them the book. How we understand our books, how we show potential readers and what readers look for when shopping for books is the starting point. I’m still trying to understand the ‘SEETHINGS‘ reader based on existing feedback. An-already-read-reader has a history that a not-yet-reader hasn’t experienced. The trick is to use what is known and apply it to what isn’t. Rather than try and figure it all out, I’ll let a past reader’s words tell the new reader in a review.
SEETHINGS has several reviews. A cross-section of reader’s thoughts are now being displayed and helping me BIG TIME. – Michael

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