Easter Fun.

We took time out to enjoy the beach today. It’s extraordinary that although we live just a street away from the ocean, we haven’t seen it for months! The house has been sucking up most of our time!
But it’s Easter and we decided to leave the house to see how nature has redefined our wonderful beach. It’s always changing. Sometimes the tide is high, sometimes the current washes all the sand away and we’re left with nothing but rock. Sometimes interesting stuff is washed ashore.
Margo loves beachcombing. She could spend hours fossicking through millions of shells, bits of glass and seaweed. We had a laugh about some chaotic seagull footprints we saw so I decided to take a picture of them on my phone. I snapped off a shot and then heard giggling from up the beach. Following the sound I find my dear dressing herself in red seaweed. ‘You think I look good as a redhead?’ She asks.
I pick up a slimy green thing and pretend to have a cold by sneezing it out of my nose. 
‘Ha ha, give me the phone. I’ve got to get a picture of that one! That’s hilarious!’
That’s my Easter. How’s yours been?

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