Cooks but not enough kitchens.

The home progresses… and so does my insanity!
The kitchen floor went down well, with Levi’s prints permanently buried underneath it. A new stove went in and some of the new kitchen furniture went in place to give us some sense of normality. There’s no sink but at least we’ve a dedicated place or two to slice bread and make tea without climbing over boxes and sawdust to do it.
Door and windows were made locally so the hard work was already done. It took me about a day to rip the old brown ones out, reconstruct the walls to accommodate the new frames and then fix them into place. The new light in the home gives a spacious feel.
The new outdoor area was finished this week… thank God!!! It has only taken three months to get it done. If you want the name of patio company NOT to use, drop me a line.
I must say, the finished result is what we wanted, giving us another space at the rear of the house – and it makes the whole house cooler! One of the new windows has a servery feature so food can passed from the kitchen to the barbecue. Eventually a small outdoor kitchen will be built at this window to mimic the inside one, using the same plumbing. 
Now it’s onto rerouting the existing plumbing, order the new kitchen, demolish the old bathroom, kitchen…. wish me luck! – Mx

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