The Art of Letting Go article goes ballistic!

During the course of last week I wrote and posted a blog post about ‘The Art of Letting Go’, a How To… note on relationships (on another blog site of mine) that have come to their end but haven’t yet ended. I expected to see the usual set of stats follow the posting but something peculiar happened, they went thru the stratosphere!
To give you an idea, any new posting normally generates between 30 and 150 new visitors immediately and then settles to between 5 and 10 in the days that follow it. This one went to 500 on day one, 800 on day two, 700 on day three and is now settling down to about a hundred a day. It’s the highest set of stats I’ve ever seen reported in all the time I’ve been blogging!
What does it mean?
To me it means that there are a lot of people who can relate to the topic and are seeking some kind of understanding, beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. I do think that there are many unhappy folks stuck in relationships that they can’t, for some reason or another, get out of.
Guilt and fear surround the blog posting like bullies hovering over an innocent victim in the schoolyard. Unlike real bullies who are separate entities and also have their own fists and feet, these bullies belong to us, connected to our own limbs, manisfested from within our imagination, brought to life by no one but us.
Guilt and fear seem to follow us all the time. We fear what others think about us: What we wear, how we talk, how we look, where our kids go to school, where we holiday, what car we drive, our house, our choice of drink, toothpaste, our friends, our partners, our sex…
Guilt is never far away: The guilt of not keeping up, not looking good enough, of letting others down, of underchieving on every front mentioned above here. It seems we are our worst enemy  when it comes to bullying!
I could go out on a limb here and say that a real-life bully is better to have around because at least you can see him/her when an attack takes place. The scars they leave are real. The bruises are real. The Guilt and Fear bullies leave no marks and there is no escaping them when you’re safely at home. Moving home doesn’t help. Changing routes doesn’t help either. These guys get you everywhere you go. The hurt they inflict is substantial but immeasurable! The only proof anyone has of your torment is you! 
So the blog is about facing your adversaries by simply setting them free: To be brave and go against something you weren’t ever taught to do: Let them go.
The blog points back to the SEETHINGS novel because so much of what is said in the posting is said in the book, set against the context of its narrative.
So there you are. More photos of the house renovations to follow.

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