Pool’s in!

Employing a project manager might’ve helped soften the impact of taking on so many of them at once! We’ve the internal house renos, the external ones, the extension, the pool and the landscaping/gardening for it and the rest of the property. Everything is happening at once and all have high-priority issues to deal with!

Sand. It’s everywhere. When it’s wet it’s not so bad, it’ll stay in place. When it’s not, it dries out and slides back into newly dug post holes. Areas that are not retained will collapse. The wind stirs it up and makes airborne dust leaving grit in my cheese and lettuce sandwiches. Sand management lingers always.
Grass is the answer. But grass doesn’t grow in sand, not good grass. The dominos line up and fall in the direction of soil conditioning. Nice. What about the bobcat currently twisting all over it for the pool and plumbing work? 

Drywall dust. If the sand underfoot isn’t enough to turn you off renovating then there’s always it’s finer cousin, plaster dust, to test your patience a second time. I don’t mind sand and sawdust on the floors so much. At least they’re comparitivly heavy and can be swept or vacuumed up. Drywall powder is so light it drifts in the air for hours, landing far from its source. I’ll sand some drywall in a far away room and a day later, a thin layer of white powder will coat a high shelf in the main bedroom. All doors were shut and covers were put up everywhere. The dust still carried.

The inside projects. Every wall and room will be altered in some way. The floor and the ceiling will change. All plumbing and electrical lines will be relocated. The concrete pad will grow by 20 percent and new rooms will be added to it. A deck will be built under the extension. The extension and pool must be included… later, a driveway.. and further along, an  outdoor studio will be built.
The outside projects. I’ve already mentioned the lawn, garden, pool, extension… etc, but not re-sheeting the roof and re-cladding the walls. I won’t mention the new hot-water system and plumbing… ooops, just did!

Okay, I’ve said enough. Time to go. Christmas is coming! Mx

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