Two steps forward, one step back.

Nothing goes fast or quite to plan when renovating… building… relying on tradesmen to do their job…etc, etc, right? How many of us planned to do a job in, say a day, and then three days it was completed?
  • The pool arrived on time. Check! 
  • It flew over the house on a wire at the time they said it would. Check!
  • The hole that was dug for it was perfect size and shape for the pool. Uncheck!
What? Uncheck? 
The hole that was dug by a guy and his machine had to be dug by hand. Mark (the guy with the bobcat) made it too small. Five blokes with shovels had to get into the pit to finish the hole while the pool hovered, one shovel-full at a time. I ask you, why pay a guy with a purpose built machine to move earth from one place to another when five men can do it better with strong backs and arms?
Two hours later…
Okay, it made it well and good into the ground but there’s more to do… always more… by someone… the fence, the pump and plumbing… done by someone… anyone? Anyone will do! Please? Help!
Well, someone will do the work that’s contracted to be done… just not sure who and when.
Okay, forget the pool. Love my new fans.

Those Aerotrons work well but…. one receiver unit fritzzed itself within a day. So now it’s a love-hate thing and a trip to the fan guy to replace it… wait for a replacement part… one fan that’s working… one fan not. But when running, they are VERY efficient and quiet. I am so impressed with their design and promise, a little disappointed in their delivery. Electronics can be fickle. Brand new, they either work or don’t. Generally, if they work the first day, they’ll work every day (unless they are dropped or a lightning strike cooks them).
Nevermind, there’s plenty to do while I wait for a replacement part, like stand beside Margo’s sunflowers so she can proudly boast to others how well her garden is doing. Have you ever seen such monsters? Geez, it’s like Day of the Triffids! One flower-face is bigger than two of my heads!
Not bad for sandy soil, eh? She knows what she’s doing that Margo. Many loads of mulch, compost, nutrients and water maketh thy monsters!
See ya, Mx
(My Novel SEETHINGS is avail for your library here)

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