SEETHINGS RELEASED! (and other stuff)

Well, well, it finally happened! SEETHINGS has made it onto the world stage! On the 2nd of November 2014 it’s title appeared in the CreateSpace and Amazon catalogues for the very first time.
Here it is listed on Amazon! Beautiful isn’t it?
I feel quite chuffed to see what was just a concept several years ago turn into a real piece of finished work, appearing in such a well-known environment, something can be bought, enjoyed and kept on a library shelf for all time. I like the idea of having my name written on a book’s spine, appearing alongside other authors who also felt passionate to take a dream of theirs and turn it into a faithful reality. I feel like a right and proper author now!
So now what?
Yes. What happens now? That’s a difficult question to answer due to the long lag time for SEETHINGS to make it to the press. SEETHINGS’ manuscript was ready over a year ago and I had fully intended to get it listed by Christmas 2013 so I could embark on a promotion programme shortly thereafter, but the IRS complications and the move across Australia bent those plans around a bit. We listed our former home onto the realty market in 2013 expecting it to take a while to sell. The market was pretty depressed at the time but we  had couple of bites… one that was too good to refuse. Suddenly we had to pack up and get out fast!
I won’t bore you with the well-known groans associated with moving every piece of two lives and several decades of clutter, I’m sure anyone who has experienced a move or two will know the complexities and stress it creates. Needless to say, we changed over our cars for newer ones, sent our things ahead of us on rail and then made a two-week camping trip driving across the country in October. The first IRS ITIN application was well into the system by the time our new 4WD’s tyres rumbled out of the driveway that final time. I knew nothing could be done with the book until we reached the other end and so I wrote off the idea of having SEETHINGS on the market in 2013. The redirected mail would take a while to catch up and my first return correspondence from the U.S wasn’t until November (?) last year. We shopped for a beach house and landed in Mandurah WA in January 2014, calling the storage company for our shipping container of stuff a week later.
Margo and I decided to take a year off to get the new (old) house in order. (This explains the lack of correspondence on this page) We pulled out all the stored stuff and, basically, stored it again in our newly erected large garage and workshop (I’m a bit of a DIY’er). When that was done we turned towards the house, ripping out walls, ceilings ‘n’ stuff. (If you’ve been following this blog you’ve seen some of the pics as the work has progressed)
Here’s some of the latest:

I’m doing most of the alterations inside while Margo spends her days building a fantastic garden. She comes up with some great ideas…. like the wrought iron gate rose archway in the front yard/garden. We picked the gates up for a song in Perth and even though it’s bare now, there will be some climbing roses over it a year from now. Yesterday I finished drywalling the ceiling and the walls of the living room so Margo came in to help start the painting process. (That’s her working and her well-used roller!) As you can see, we’re living with ladders, paint buckets and a fine layer of plaster dust every day of our new life in Western Australia. I can’t wait to get it finished so I can get back to the book work.
Yes, the book….
SEETHINGS’ has had an informal online launch of sorts. Most of my friends and family know the book is out there via posts I’ve provided on social media. Orders have also come in from places where I don’t have friends (known ones anyway) so things are happening and I hope to see that grow in the days and weeks to come. Due to the home-work though I’m reluctant to set out on the road with the novel under my arm and leave Margo with the house and plaster dust. Our one year is up in February so I’m going to take advantage of the time to complete the home. The SEETHINGS publishing task has been achieved… the home one hasn’t.
Perhaps I’ll use these next few months to lay-low, do the house and watch out for reviews and comments from those who have discovered and enjoyed the SEETHINGS. When the time is right I’ll use what I’ll learn to help promote it come 2015. Who knows, something wonderful might happen and it’ll all make sense by February.
Stay well. Be kind. – Mx

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