Still in a holding pattern!

Yep, the IRS has me flying around the publishing airport once again. I’ve been in this red-tape holding pattern for almost two months now. Don’t they know I’ll run out of fuel up here?????
Nevermind. I have plenty to do. 
The Previous Proof
I recently received the final edits from a beta-reader of mine and have processed the changes accordingly. Some minor changes were also made to the cover (the word SEETHINGS was ‘crunched’ to one side) and both have been sent to Amazon for further processing. The script formatting has been deemed as fine but I’m still waiting on the graphics for the cover to be approved. It should be any minute now. You can read more details about that here.
My last post showed the work I was doing to my house. I’m pleased to report that it all went well. The pantry and book nook are in! Here are some pics of it.
The outside of the nook and pantry, newly clad.
The inside of the pantry.

The inside of the book nook.
As you can see, there is much to be done on the inside of the home (the nook has hardly any books in it!). There are wires hanging down from the newly exposed ceilings and walls that has no covering (drywall) on them. I’ve even got blankets covering gaps to keep the draft out. With the bedroom, pantry, nook done, it’s time to move onto the living room and kitchen. Hopefully the IRS documents will arrive in the mail this week as I start ripping some walls out. I will pass this info on just as soon as I get it.
Come IRS guys! I need you! -Mx

(My Novel SEETHINGS is avail for your library here)
P.S I bought this little sucker on ebay this week. Know what it is?

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