Opening Evil’s Doorway

Power, revenge, greed.

If Earth provides everything, why is there a need to possess more than needed?

In a literary sense, noir is a dark way of writing that expresses humanity’s darker side. It’s in our DNA to be a little evil.

In the animal kingdom stimuli rules. Greed, revenge or power doesn’t exist.

hoodiedHomo sapien is an animal who values revenge, power and payback. Advancement at the expense of another is uniquely human.

It’s flawed but it’s also unnatural to repress nature’s instinct. Pain caused by attaining perfect and constant civility creates downsides.

A growing bank of twisted hostilities will raize a hybrid creature – to manage our primeval stimuli against contemporary psychological cultivation.

At times it’ll wake and open pathways to the natural balance it seeks. There’s no right and wrong in his presence, just one dissociation after another chipping away at the facade until the animal has found sanctuary and restored inner peace.

On writing SEETHINGS, I ventured into this darkness.

I freed my Beast. For a single second, I saw the creature and looked into its eyes!

I never meant to cause hurt. That wasn’t my intention. All I wanted was to take a peek at Him and find peace.

For that I am sorry.