Origin of Evil

The Past Is Not Only The Past

Power, revenge, greed… all evil enough to pass any evil test but why does evil exist at all?

If Earth provides everything in abundance, why is there a need to possess more than what’s needed?

Noir is not new. It’s a colour. In a literary sense, it’s a dark way of writing that leads a path towards evil intent. The blackness within mankind burns a line through history all the way back to the beginnings of time. It’s in our DNA to be evil. It’s what we do.

Some say that crossing into the darkness happens long before the thieving of a thing takes place. The desire to acquire it is more than enough to reveal true evil.

In the animal kingdom, evolutionary stimuluses lead action. It’s instinct.

Food, shelter, water, mating rights and offspring are strong motivators for everything. Greed, revenge or power just doesn’t exist in animals.

Homo sapien is an animal too but instantaneous instinctual outbursts are discouraged. This pushes natural emotion down giving it time to distil into something more. Sometimes that substance evaporates… but not every time.

There’s one other significant thing that separates us from other creatures: Identity.

We will attack to protect it.

It matters how we’re perceived. Position within our social matrix is, for some, as important as the food, water, shelter, mating and offspring rites to basic survival. Who or what we own (or think we should own) gives meaning to our lives – our identity.

A man (or woman) will kill to keep from losing their identity and they’ll use a plethora of words to justify it.

It’s a flawed way of thinking but it’s also a flaw to repress natural instinct and then hope the pain caused by it will go away.

A growing bank of twisted hostilities will raize a beast of hatred from within the darkest depths of the mind. There’s no right and wrong in his presence, just one dissociation after another until the animal releases its pent-up energy.

This is where my writing took me.

Confrontations are based on our human flaw: Protecting identity. Evil is driven by fear, rather, the fear of losing oneself.

Fear makes sense. FEAR is nature’s direct route into the mind, after all, humans are perfect creatures embedded with a twisted flaw. Lies exist because humans ask questions after the fact.

On writing SEETHINGS, I ventured into that darkness to look for the evil self. I discovered a much larger problem within the community – a collective desire to let its malevolent creatures free… if only for a minute.

I freed mine. For a single second, I saw the creature. The results were diabolical.

I never meant to cause hurt. That wasn’t my intention. It was just a matter of protecting identity whilst repressing emotion and navigating the strangely dissociative dystopia we call modern life.


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