Opening Evil’s Doorway

So you want to take a peek at the darker side?

Close your eyes. Are they shut tight? You’ll see the vilest creature behind those eyelids, inside the deepest, darkest shadows of your own mind. You’re a demon awaiting to be released.

Power, revenge, greed. You have them inside you. We all do. We all want things we don’t need, justification gives us our right to take.

But if Earth provides everything, why is there a need to possess more?

In a literary sense, horror, noir and psychological thrillers are the darkest of all writings. They utilize humanity’s evil side to attract readers who gravitate to evil narratives. Whether it’s snatching a second slice of pie when no one’s looking or taking away someone’s life, it’s in our DNA to desire evil.

In the animal kingdom, stimuli replaces evil. Food, shelter and mating rights take it’s place. It’s a system of absolute perfection.

hoodiedAlong comes Homo sapien and turns natural instinct into revenge, power and payback. Advancement at the expense of another is uniquely human.

It’s flawed but it’s totally unnatural to repress instinct too.

We’re at war with ourselves.

One part of us wants one thing while another bows to social expectations. It’s ripping us to pieces.

Civility comes at a price.

Growing banks of twisted hostilities awaken our dormant evil. A primeval creature ascends civil-psychosis to neutralize the intruder that reaches down and disturbs it.

There’s no right and wrong in its presence. It’s a perfect monster inside an imperfect animal. Sometimes a little evil leaks out.

On writing SEETHINGS, I ventured into this darkness to find It. I freed my Beast. For a single second, I saw the creature and looked into its eyes!

I never meant to cause hurt. That wasn’t my intention. All I wanted was to take a peek. I didn’t mean to unlock evil’s cage and activate The Beast. I never meant to let the creature out.

For that I am sorry.